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Humble Origins

In 2017, Cahill Consulting started as a side project.

A "side hustle" to expand Mike's reach away from Media companies exclusively and into other types of businesses. Mike wanted to get experience working with B2B, SaaS and E-commerce companies. His goal was simple: focus less on title and salary and more on doing work that he found interesting with companies he found interesting. 

Since then the company has grown, the client roster grew and the unique challenges and problems he's helped clients solved has been the most rewarded period of his career. 

Now, Loupe and Blade is armed with a formidable team and a mission to continue to serve amazing companies and help them grow their business.


I worked closely with Michael at both Bleacher Report and Inverse.

His SEO expertise goes beyond the technical and encompasses content and business strategy. He's my go-to source on anything SEO and first recommendation when my portfolio companies are looking for advice."

– Dave Nemetz
Co-Founder Bleacher Report, Inverse, and Reverb Ventures


Our mission

Filter out the noise of crowded spaces, making more effective funnels for businesses small & large.

Imagine you can bring everyone into your fold.

Imagine you can create a community around your product, a cult-following for your services. But that’s hard to do. The market is crowded, and you’re essentially whispering at a metal concert every time you put out content.

You see, the user journey is not about a final click to buy, it’s about additive value. And when you only focus on the end, you miss out on the entire funnel.

We may be an SEO agency, but we’re here to change your minds about what SEO can be.

​Michael Cahill
​Founder & CEO

Claren Adeva-NAVARRO
​Director of Operations
​Alicia Cahill ​CFO
​Alicia Cahill

Mihajlo Dejanovic
​SEO Strategist
Jim Kozyra ​VP, Video and Strategy
Jim Kozyra
​VP, Video and Strategy


Stay ahead of the curve on SEO tools and insights.

Stay ahead of the curve on SEO tools and insights.

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